Unparalleled Competency with Personal Service

The mission of Trager Property Advisors is to provide unparalleled competency, articulated with high quality professionalism and personal service in real estate valuation and consulting. Client service in the form of timely delivery and reliability is of utmost importance.  The Trager Team believes that relationships are paramount; whether personal or professional. We strive to set a good example in all aspects of life. A personal touch is the real key.   Real estate valuation can be a complex area, presenting unique challenges to investors, buyers, sellers, as well as lenders, attorneys, realtors and many more. At Trager, we have over a decade of experience demystifying the appraisal/consulting process whether a client is looking for a simple valuation involving a small tract of land, to highly complex assignments that concern multi-tenant income-producing properties, special use properties, or properties that are affected by unique circumstances. We provide comprehensive solutions, allowing our clients to make sound decisions.