The Office of Trager Property Advisors is located in New Braunfels, Texas. This is conveniently positioned between San Antonio and Austin, and easily linked to all areas of South Texas and the vast spans of West Texas (primarily Midland/Odessa); all of which are areas familiar to our territorial expertise.

While the San Antonio-New Braunfels and Austin-San Marcos MSA’s serve as the primary trade area, Corpus Christi and other growth areas of South Texas such as Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley (McAllen and Harlingen/Brownsville MSAs) rank as close seconds. We maintain a strong presence in these markets. Appraisal assignments related to steel manufacturing plants have been conducted in the states of South Carolina and Illinois.

In the spirit of service, Trager Property Advisors will gladly accept certain appraisal assignments outside of the primary and secondary trade areas. This allows growth in expertise, and always advances the depth of knowledge, while expanding our professional network. These are all factors which enhance the client service element.


Shopping Centers
Industrial (Warehouse, Manufacturing, Flex, etc.)
Multi-family residential
Lodging (Hotel/Motel)
Convenience Store (with or without Going Concern)
Health Care
Subdivision Development
Special Purpose (mixed-use, golf course, entertainment venues, car wash, automobile dealerships, etc.)
Vacant Land


Partial Interest Valuation
Estate Related (i.e. Property Partitioning, etc.)
Water Rights

Specialized Expertise

Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
Eminent Domain and other Right-of-Way Projects
Property Tax Valuation (including Equal and Uniform Analysis)
Estate Planning Support
Highest and Best/Market Analysis
Feasibility and Cost/Benefit Analsyis
Market Rent Studies
Portfolio and Financial Reporting Valuation
Going Concern and SBA Lending Valuation

The logistical backbone of the company revolves around technology. The advancement of industry practices with regard to technology is ever changing. Trager Property Advisors employs “cutting edge” software/mapping programs and industry standards that keep us at the forefront of the appraisal practice. We recognize the importance of this business element, and the impact it has on the ability to offer our clients the best end-product in a highly efficient manner.

Sophisticated tools such as Argus Valuation Software enhances the ability to measure investment performance of multi-tenant properties with cash flow modeling, projected internal rates of return, sensitivity analysis, etc.

As a member of the CCIM institute, access to the Site to do Business allows for comprehensive market analysis through use of current demographics and advanced future projection methodologies. Information, and the ability to properly analyze, is key for accurate and reliable results.